Medical Check-Ups in Bangkok's Hospitals


Overall, medical services have become more expensive in Bangkok over the last decade. However, medical check-up packages, offered by most internationally oriented hospitals, have not followed that trend. These check-ups, of course, introduce potential costumers (get them into the system), to a particular hospital's services. Furthermore, check-ups may indeed find some 'anomalies' and lead to further medical investigations.

We noticed that prices of most packages have not risen a lot over the 2009-2014 period, but have increased the last few years, as mentioned below.

Hospitals : Bumrungrad Hospital | Bangkok General | BNH Hospital | Samitivej Hospital | Bangkok Christian Hospital

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2) Current health screening recommendations, according to U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and other reputed organizations.

If you travel to Thailand or are residing in the country, you will have ample choice between hospitals if you consider undergoing a medical check-up. Most hospitals (also those not listed here) will have differently priced packages going from a basic medical check-up to quite elaborate investigations (though very rarely including invasive tests, except of course taking blood samples).
From what we hear around us, medical check-ups seem to be recommended yearly for anyone aged 50 (or is that 40?) or more. We suggest to use common sense. Whether you like to have medical investigations that often, relies mainly on the extent your life is medicalized, and whether you can stand the anxiety of waiting for test results and its consequences. In some cases, the effect of X-ray radiation also have to be considered. You may want also to read the above mentioned 'Current health screening recommendations' by the USPSTF.

Bumrungrad Hospital
Bumrungrad certainly is the best known (and best marketed) internationally oriented hospital in Bangkok.

The Bumrungrad International Clinic


There are four different packages (with further subdivisions) for health screening, named : executive, executive with exercise test, comprehensive, and different packages under the name 'holistic' for older age groups (to +80 years of age). A basis and cheap program called 'regular' seems to have disappeared from the line-up.

Price ranges for the 4 categories :
1) Executive : 10,000 baht for males, 11,700 baht for females.
2) Executive with exercise test : 14,000 for males.
3) Comprehensive : 20,500 for males, 23,200 for females.
4) Holistic : different prices according to sex and age, ranging from 25,700 to 33,500 baht.

While not have increased prices for some time, we noticed a price upgrade with our latest check in 2016. For example, the 'Comprehensive' package increased from 13,000-15,300 (last noted beginning of 2015) to 20,500-23,300 baht, while we did not notice a change in content of the package.

The Executive package includes : physical examination ; CBC ; fasting blood sugar (FBS) ; lipid profile including HDl ; uric acid ; creatinine ; limited liver function tests ; urine exam ; stool exam and occult blood exam ; EKG ; chest X-ray ; ultrasound whole abdomen ; Pap smear for females. Executive with Stress Test, well, includes an additional stress exercise test (for males).
Comprehensive package also included : HbA1C ; BUN ; more complete liver function tests; hepatitis screening for hepatitis B and C ; tumor markers (CEA, AFP, PSA for males) ; digital mammogram and ultrasound breast, pap smear and pelvic exam (all for females only) ; an eye exam for visual acuity and tonometry ; exercise stress tests (for males) ; thyroid function.
Holistic package may further include : bone density measurements ; blood electrolytes ; test for microalbuminuria ; dilated eye exam ; vitamine B12 and vitamin D measurements.

Bumrungrad Health Screening Program
If the above link is not working, you can go to the main Bumrungrad Hospital page and look for the page.

Bangkok General Hospital
Bangkok General is another hospital catering to international patients. Hospitals affiliated with Bangkok General are BNH Hospital and Samitivej Hospital. Bangkok General is tucked away somewhere along Petchburi Road, and a bit more difficult to get to for most people. As of the beginning of 2015 Bangkok General listed different check-up programs for 4 age groups. They are called : vital check-up, advanced check-up, executive check-up and absolute check-up. During a visit beginning 2016 we could not find a workable link to the check-up programs, so information below may be a bit outdated.

During our last visit to the website, the hospital has done away with charging a lot and then discounting a lot. A fixed price for the 4 different programs is listed (the same prices as the previous 'discounted' prices).
Rates quoted are between 3,300 baht and 17,900 baht (22,900 for females). The upper price has gone up about 5,000 baht since end 2011.
The basic package consists of about the same tests as the basis package at Bumrungrad, and also includes a stool exam and stool occult blood exam (not present as recent as 2014).
The most comprehensive package (recommended for 50 years old clients) also includes an hearing test, a dental exam, bone densitometry for women (when compared to the comprehensive program at Bumrungrad). There is also digital mammography and cervical cancer screening for females, ultrasound of the whole abdomen, and a carotid duplex exam. An exercise stress or an echocardiogram, is also included.

We could not find a workable link to the check-up packages presently available at Bangkok General Hospital, so you may have to send them an email for more information - Bangkok General Website

BNH Hospital, Convent Road (off Sathorn Road)
Part of the Bangkok General Group, BNH Hospital (formerly known as Bangkok Nursing Home) also offers comprehensive check-up programs. The hospital is smaller, and not as fancy as the two hospitals mentioned above, and is more easily 'navigated', once inside. However, this should not be considered a 'cheaper' hospital.

BNH Hospital is part of the Bangkok General Hospital Group. It is located on Convent Road (connecting road between Silom Road and Sathorn Road, Bangkok)


We did not find data on the website of BNH beginning 2015, and had to rely on older check-up packages information. However, beginning 2016 4 different annual check-up programs were listed, be it under different names than before.

Health Check-up Programs now include : Basic, Ultimate, Exclusive, and Luxury.

The Basic Check-up Program includes : Physical exam ; chest X-ray ; EKG ; CBC, glucose, creatinine, SGPT and SGOT (liver), liver profile including HDL ; urine exam.

The Ultimate Program in addition includes : Ultrasound upper abdomen ; uric acid.

The Exclusive Program also includes : Ultrasound whole abdomen ; echocardiogram or exercise stress test (males only) ; TSH (thyroid function test) ; PSA (males) ; stool exam and occult blood exam ; pelvic exam & prep Pap test (females) ; digital mammogram & ultrasound of breasts (females).

The Luxury Program in addition includes : BMD Hip & LS spine ; ABI (a blood flow test) ; more complete liver function blood tests ; more extensive thyroid function tests ; vitamine D measurement ; CEA and AFP (intestinal and liver cancer screening blood tests respectively) ; eye exam.

The different programs (Basic, Ultimate, Exclusive, Luxury) are priced as follows respectively :
5,930 baht, 10,680 baht, 21,580 baht (22,540 for females), 35,189 baht 36,149 for females). Discounts are available.

Prices were unchanged since 2009 till 2015. Prices of the different packages (which changed their names) have increased a lot, while the content of the screenings did not change substantially as far as we could see, as of the beginning of 2016.

Samitivej Hospital Sukhumvit

Samitivej Hospital also offers different screening packages.
The following packages were listed beginning 2016 in a PDF file on the website with the heading 'Check Up Packages 2015'. We assume the prices are current.

There are active (cheaper) and advanced (more expensive) medical check-up packages for men and women.

Their cheapest programs (at 7,500 baht) are more expensive than at the other hospitals, but do include more tests. Besides the standard tests offered at most hospitals, the following are included : eye exam (for males only?) ; HbA1c ; ultrasound upper abdomen ; EKG & chest X-ray ; Pap-smear (females) ; PSA (males) : AFP (males) ; dental check-up.

The most extensive programs (at 14,000-14,500 baht) also include : TSH (thyroid function) ; ultrasound lower abdomen ; digital mammogram (females) ; ABI (blood flow test) for males. Interestingly, there is no mention of a pelvic exam for females. Hepatitis screening is also not included. Some test seem to be only available for males and not for females, and it is not quite clear why (for example, eye exam, dental check-up). Either this is an error in the listing, or some tests are omitted for females, to keep the price of the overall program at the same level as it is for males (which would be a bit odd).

You may check this PDF file, to check it out for yourself.

Bangkok Christian Hospital (on Silom Road)

Bangkok Christian Hospital has set up a separate facility on the second floor of its new building (called Welles building) which is located behind the rather grim and somewhat delapidated entrance building.
Our personal experience is, that Bangkok Christian Hospital offers reliable examinations at much lower prices than the other hospitals listed. So if you can forgo luxury (and do not associate it with quality), this hospital is worth checking out. Compared to other hospitals mentioned here, it is also easier to reach, in the middle of Silom Road.

Packages and prices listed in 2016 :


Health 1 Program : Physical Examination, Chest X-ray, Urine exam, Blood tests : CBS, fasting blood sugar (FBS), SGOT, SGPT, Alkaline Phosphatase (liver function tests), creatinine, cholesterol, triglycerided. At 2,590 baht, but discounted to 2,100 baht.

As initial screening we would recommend Health 2 Program : It also included HDL and (calculated) LDL, uric acid and an electrocardiogram (EKG). Price 3,540 baht, discounted to 2,900 baht.

Health 3 same as above, with, in addition, an ultrasound of the upper abdomen.

Health 4 and Health 5 are more elaborate medical check-ups, respectively for males and females. After discount they are both advertised at 9,200 baht.

They also include : eye examination by ophtalmologist ; HbA1c ; more complete liver function exam (blood test) ; complete lipid profile with direct LDL measurements ; stool exams for occult blood ; AFP (test for liver cancer) ; CEA (test for intestinal cancer) ; ultrasound whole abdomen. For men, PSA is measured (screening for prostate cancer). For women, there is an additional pelvic exam and breast exam, and a Pap's Smear test. It is worth stressing that there is no stress exercise test included (if people want to be screened, they often want this test included, we presume). But additional test can probably be requested (prices were previously listed on the website, but we could not retrieve them at our last visit), at a reasonable price.

Bangkok Christian Hospital - (a new web address for Bangkok Christian Hospital)

Now, and this is interesting, BCH also offers Lady Check-up Programs, that do away with all the blood test mentioned above, and almost solely concentrate on pelvic and breast exams.

All three programs include physical exams by an obstetrician. Program 1 included also Liquid Base Pap Test and Bone Density-Lumbar measurement. Program 2 also included Digital Mammogram and Ultrasound of the breasts. Program 3, in addtion, includes an Ultrasound of the Lower Abdomen. Prices (after discount) are 2500, 5300 and 7000 baht respectively.

Be aware, that other hospitals in Bangkok also offer check-up programs. The programs however are not always well specified or priced when visiting their websites.

By the way, if you are interested in CT of the heart (coronary arteries), surely you can also request this exam at Bumrungrad Hospital or Bangkok General Hospital.

Note : According to the American Cancer Society, screening is recommended for colorectal cancer in men and women older than 50. This include, besides a test for occult blood in the stools, a rather invasive and also expensive colonoscopy every ten years. This major is not included in any of the 'screening tests' in the Bangkok hospitals mentioned above.