Pest Control in Thailand - Pesticides and Insecticides

 Pest Control Pattaya
Pest Control Pattaya offers various services in and around Pattaya such as termite removal, termite control and general pest control treatments to protect your home or business premises from any unwanted pests.

 CCS Co. Ltd.
CCS protects against and exterminates termites under universal standards, by certified employees who are well trained by the Thailand Pest Management Association (TPMA). Head office in Bangkok with branches in the capital and Pattaya.

 ARS Chemical (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Our company produces a variety of insecticide products. Our products are are well known among customers for their safety and good quality .

 Natural Green Pest Control Thailand
Safe organic pest control for your home or business that works without using any toxic chemicals, without tenting or large-scale fumigation methods using toxic poisons. Green pest elimination allows for a non-toxic alternative to all your bug problems.

 T.J.C. Chemical Co. Ltd.
T.J.C. Chemical formulates and distributes pesticides used in agriculture as well as for household and public health. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizer hormones and plant food, sprayers and accessories.

 Pato Chemical Industry Public Co. Ltd.
Pato Chemical imports, formulates and distributes pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and acaricides.

 Bug People by Mobel Group Co. Ltd.
Bug People is a business unit under management of Mabel Group and is located in Bangkok. We offer a variety of pest control services, ranging from termite solutions, general pest management, and rodent management.

 Eco Pest Samui Co. Ltd.
Environmentally friendly pest control, without odour and with excellent results in managing and controlling pests. We treat rodents, crawling insects, mosquitos and termite problems. Contracts range from one visit, to annual contracts, with quarterly payments.

 Venus Technology Co. Ltd.
Venus Technology produces mosquito and fly protection devices. Mosquito magnets, black holes, biomist. Black hole fly traps. Also blood related lab diagnostics, equipments and supplies. The company's key customers include the National Blood Centre, Thai Red Cross Society, and medium to large hospitals and blood banks. - Mosquito Related Illnesses
ThailandGuru gives a good overview of mosquito related diseases prevalent in Thailand with information about preventing mosquito bites, Dengue Fever, malaria, Japanese encephalitis

 Rentokil Pest Control
Rentokil in Thailand has a wide network of pest control service providers around Thailand. Rentokil aims to deal with all pest problems in ways that have the least possible impact on the natural environment. Also washroom and hygiene services and products.

 ChiangMai Pest (Phuket)
Chiang Mai Pest protects you from insects and pests that can damage building structures, landscaping, and even your personal health. Pipe treatment system installation. Operating in Phuket.

 Integrated Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management is a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, physical, and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health, and environmental risks. Thailand-related information.